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Lutron Smart Automated Lighting Systems in New Jersey

Updated: Jan 15

Lutron and Innovative Lighting Solutions

Smart Lighting by Lutron Bergen County NJ Living room with exotic wood light and trims with white fluffy couch
Lutron Smart Lighting

Lutron has been a pioneer in custom lighting design and control since its inception in the late 1950s. As a certified Lutron dealer, Epic is committed to offering a wide range of lighting solutions, including smart lighting and motorized blinds in New Jersey and New York.

The company's mission is to provide exceptional quality and design for its customers, ensuring they can create the smart home of their dreams. With Lutron lighting products, Epic is able to provide fully automated smart lighting and light panels, making it easy for customers to control both natural and electrical light in their homes. No matter the size or budget, Epic's trusted tech professionals can provide seamless Lutron installation for any home in New Jersey.

Energy-Saving Solutions

No matter where Lutron shades are installed in the home or how big the lighting system, Lutron products are designed to save energy by limiting the use of electricity. By raising the Lutron automated shades in your home first thing in the morning, natural light wakes you up allowing you to use less electrical lighting to start your day. With the click of a button labeled “Wake Up”, Lutron products immediately turn on gently, allowing you to start your morning without harsh lighting.

Getting ready to go to sleep? Click “Sleep” and watch as the lighting in the home creates the right dimmed environment to get ready for bed. Lutron home lighting solutions keeps homeowners from experiencing harsh lighting in the middle of the night as well. Lutron LED lights can automatically turn on and off as you enter or leave a room, making them a convenient way to save energy. With Lutron lighting solutions in your home in New Jersey or New York, only turn on the lights when you need them to. Reduce consumption of energy and save on your electrical bill by using Lutron automated lighting solutions installed by the trusted tech professionals at Epic.

Simple dimmers and keypads Set Scenes with the touch of a button
Simple dimmers and keypads Set Scenes with the touch of a button

Convenience & Ease

Lutron light control products allow for seamless, convenient transformation of any home space. Rather than a dozen different light switches or dimmers on the wall, Lutron allows for one wall panel with a variety of different settings to control your home environment. Homeowners no longer have to worry about which light switch controls which bulbs. Lutron light control wall panels

let users simply click a single button to transform the lighting in any room and space, inside or outside the home. Instead of going from room to room to make sure all the lights are off before bedtime, simply click “Shut Down” to turn the lighting in entire house off. The beauty of Lutron light control systems is the time it gives back to you and how easy it makes controlling whole house lighting.

Safety & Security

There are various ways to activate Lutron smart lighting in New Jersey homes to keep them safe and protected. Lutron offers touch free smart lighting via geo-fencing, motion sensors, voice control, or automatic schedules. When leaving for vacation, press the “Vacation” button on your wall panel or smartphone or use voice command to make sure the home is lit in all the right places so you can enjoy your travels and keep the home safe.

With Epic’s Lutron install service, home security is optimized. If someone were to come near the home at night, Lutron smart home systems will immediately activate, turning on lights outdoors and indoors to deter any criminal activity. Epic provides more than home lighting automation service in New Jersey. Epic customers are provided with peace of mind knowing new homes are running seamlessly and automatically, thus keeping the home and property safe.

Control the ambiance in every room, like this luxury bedroom with blue and white separated walls green carpet and white fluffy bed
Control the ambiance in every room

Control the Atmosphere & Ambiance

Transform your home ambiance with Lutron smart lighting, one of the many tools Epic uses to bring fun and comfort to your home. With voice commands, such as “OK Josh, turn on Party Mode,” your home can quickly transform into a perfect entertaining space. Lutron individual dimmers can create a comfortable and relaxing environment, while the lights can be turned on from your phone as you approach the house.

Even outdoor settings can be illuminated with Lutron, creating an elegant ambiance around the pool and landscaping. With easy control from a smartphone, laptop, iPad, touch screen, or universal remote control, Lutron lighting is the perfect tool to enhance any home. Let Epic create your dream home environment, no matter the size or budget, and visit our showroom to experience the innovation of Lutron lighting firsthand.

Visit our Lutron Smart Lighting page for more info.


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