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Setting Up Your Home Theater System

Updated: Feb 19

The Closest Theater? Your Living Room.

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In the past, the only way to get a truly cinematic experience was to pay $15 for a ticket to the movie theater. Today, this is no longer the case. With recent advances in home theater technology and prices that have dropped like a rock, it’s now possible to go “to the movies” in your living room. And the case for setting up your home theater system has only grown during the first part of 2020. With a worldwide pandemic raging, few people are interested in locking themselves up with a bunch of strangers for a two-hour movie. In other words, now is the perfect time to set up your small home theater system.

Essentials for Setting Up Your Home Theater System

So, what are the essentials when considering a home theater system? Obviously, you’ll want a great television or projector. And a high-end sound system is a must. But what about seating? Lights? Read on to discover the most important equipment you need for your ideal home theater system.

The Film Screen

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the most important part of your home theater system is the screen. If you’re like most Americans, you already have a TV or two sitting around. But pulling out your old 36” tube isn’t going to cut it if you want to enjoy cinematic glory. Now is the time to go big or go home. So, look for a screen that’s going to fill out one of the walls in your theater. And don’t just focus on size (though it does matter). Browse models that offer the latest technology, like 8K and smart features. Once you’ve found the perfect television, you’ll want to mount it on the wall with the appropriate bracket. And if you’d like to go the extra mile, you may want to consult with a professional installer who can help you implement dozens of cool features, like motorized options that hide your screen when it’s not in use. If your home theater room is large enough (and your budget is big enough), you may want to consider opting for a high-end overhead mounted projector instead of a TV. Not only will this save space, watching your motorized screen drop down from above will make you feel like a James Bond villain.

Having the right speakers and surround sound is crucial to the experience.
Having the right speakers and surround sound is crucial to the experience.

The Sound

While visuals are the most important part of setting up your home theater system, audio comes in a close second. As a result, you should spend the biggest part of your budget on your television and sound system. You’ll want a nice set of surround sound speakers that will make you feel like you’re in the movies. There is a near-limitless number of options to choose from, no matter the size or shape of your room. And with the help of a professional installer, you can even enjoy premium sound with speakers that remain hidden.

The Power & Accessories

Your home theater system needs a receiver that can handle whatever devices and consoles you may need to be hooked up. In addition, you’ll need a way to pump power into all of those electronics. So, power strips are a must. And don’t forget the HDMI, ethernet, and other cables. Without properly connecting and powering your home theater system, it will be little more than a bunch of large paperweights. And don't forget the Kaleidescape!

Comfortable seating is also essential for a great movie viewing experience. White leather theater chairs
What kind of seating do you prefer?

The Seating

Setting up your home theater system isn’t just about buying a huge TV and immersive sound system. Real home theaters need real home theater seating. So, be sure to think about the kind of chairs or couches that you will need to make your friends and family feel like they’ve just sat down in their local cinema with a bucket of popcorn and an extra-large Coke.

The Lighting

Lighting can make or break a home cinema. That’s why you should think carefully about the lights in and around your theater room. Ideally, you’ll want dimmable ceiling lights. But you may also want track lighting or even in-floor lighting. A professional installer can help you decide on the perfect lighting options for you.

Don’t Try To Do It All Yourself

While you could purchase everything for your home theater system yourself and do all of the installations, there’s no reason to. With a home theater installation in your Passaic or Bergen County NJ home, you’ll be able to enjoy years of experience and knowledge about the best options for you. And you’ll save precious time that you could be spent watching movies or your favorite television show. With an installation company, you’ll be able to get your ideal home theater system in no time – whether you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars or only a few hundred.


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