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Embrace the pinnacle of home cinema with the Kaleidescape Movie Server, The Terra Prime SSD. This isn't just a movie server; it's a portal to cinematic nirvana, elevating your experience beyond streaming limitations and Blu-ray's reach. Immerse yourself in:

  • Unrivaled Picture and Sound: Witness breathtaking 4K HDR with higher-fidelity video and lossless audio for a truly immersive experience. Every grain, shadow, and whisper comes alive.
  • Blazing Speed and Seamless Control: Data center-grade SSDs and 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet unleash rapid downloads and effortless browsing. Enjoy movies in seconds, not minutes.
  • Made in the USA: Experience craftsmanship and performance that shines. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA for unmatched reliability.
  • Effortless Integration: The Terra Prime SSD harmonizes with your smart home, commanding lights, shades, and more for a fully immersive ambiance.

We're offering you a golden opportunity to embrace the future of cinema at home.

Don't miss out on this exclusive Epic offer! Complete your order with a Strato C Movie Player.

Free Movie Credits
Elevate your home theater experience with the unmatched combination of the Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server and Strato C Movie Player. And now, for a limited time, receive up to $1500 in free movie store credits with your purchase. (existing strato clients adding a server) Take advantage of this incredible offer and transform your home into a personal theater.


And for our existing Premiere clients, you can also qualify for up to $4722.75 in disc to digital movie store credits.


Kaleidescape Terra Server Prime SSD: Unbridled Cinematic Brilliance

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    • Superior Visuals and Pristine Audio: Revel in uncompressed 4K HDR movies with lossless Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound.
    • Unparalleled Performance: Download high-bitrate content in minutes with data center-grade SSDs and rapid network speeds.
    • Seamless Integration: Control lighting, shades, and more for a cinematic sanctuary.
    • Made in the USA: Craftsmanship and performance in every detail.
    • Quiet Operation: Whisper-quiet at 21 dB(A) – no distracting buzz.
    • Energy Efficient: Eco-friendly operation for a guilt-free cinematic escape.
    • Rack Mountable: Integrates seamlessly into custom home theater setups.
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