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The AVA Cinema Remote by is a sophisticated and versatile handheld remote control designed to enhance the user experience in home entertainment and smart home control. Here are some key features and highlights based on the information provided:


Touchscreen with Dynamic Keypad Interface:

  • The remote features a visually appealing edge-to-edge touchscreen.
  • The Dynamic Keypad interface includes a three-dimensional glass ring that aids in intuitive navigation.

Adaptive Button Labels and Functions:

  • The remote has the ability to adapt its button labels, colors, and functions based on the active media source. This feature ensures a seamless and clutter-free experience, as users won't have to deal with fixed buttons for different devices.

Contextual Awareness with Voice Commands:

  • Users can give voice commands through the AVA Cinema Remote, and it provides contextual awareness similar to what users experience with microphones. This implies that the remote understands the context of commands, offering a more natural and flexible control experience.

Compatibility with System:

  • When paired with a system, the remote offers users a combination of a tactile hard-button remote and a captivating UI experience.
  • Unlike other remotes dedicated to specific navigation types, the AVA Cinema Remote empowers users to speak freely, enhancing the overall usability.

Google-Certified Android Device:

  • The remote is certified by Google as an Android device, allowing it to run the Josh App from the Google Play store.
  • This certification ensures compatibility with a wide range of Android apps, expanding the remote's capabilities beyond the native features.

Smart Home Control:

  • By running the Josh App, users can effortlessly control their smart home, indicating that the remote extends its functionality beyond entertainment control to include smart home automation.

Overall, the AVA Cinema Remote seems to be a high-end and versatile remote control solution that prioritizes user experience, adaptability, and seamless integration with both entertainment systems and smart home devices.


Convenient Voice Control

Featuring embedded near-field microphones, providing convenient access to room-aware and whole-home voice control. This is especially useful in situations with background noise, making discreet voice commands a breeze. Simply press the microphone icon to begin speaking to Josh, for example:

“Turn on all the lights in the house.”

“Close the shades 20% in the kitchen”

"Set the living room to 75 degrees.”

"Listen to classiic rock in the great room.”

"Watch Hulu.”

"Lock the front door.”

"Who stars in the show Succession?”

"Which movie has won the most Oscars?”

Ava Cinema Remote by Josh AI

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