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Kaleidescape: Where High-End Entertainment Meets Epic Family Time

Elevate Your Home Theater Experience with Epic Systems

Welcome to Epic Systems, one of the nation's top Kaleidescape dealers and a trusted name in both online sales and high-end installation services. Elevate your home theater to cinematic heights with our cutting-edge systems. Tailored for movie buffs, audiophiles, and families, we help deliver an entertainment experience that's second to none. Dive into a realm of cinematic brilliance and crystal-clear audio, right in your own living room. With Epic Systems, you're not just watching movies—you're creating unforgettable family moments.

The ultimate home entertainment solution that delivers unmatched video and audio quality that creates unforgettable memories.

Unveil the Unmatched Benefits of Kaleidescape Systems

We are not talking about just another movie server or home entertainment system; it's a gateway to an unparalleled audio-visual experience. From crystal-clear 4K visuals to high-fidelity sound.


Indulge in a home cinema experience that rivals the big screen with support for 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X. Our lossless audio formats unveil every auditory detail, immersing you in a realm of cinematic brilliance.


Navigate your movie and music library effortlessly across all your devices—TV, tablet, or smartphone. With personalized collections and playlists, finding and enjoying your favorite content has never been easier.


Curate a safe and enjoyable media haven, ensuring content is age-appropriate. Plus, with movies downloaded directly, bid farewell to internet glitches or mid-movie interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted family entertainment.

The Kaleidescape Store:
Your Gateway to Unrivaled Home Entertainment

Welcome to the Epic Systems the leading Kaleidescape dealer in the country, ensuring trust in your purchase and unparalleled support. Indulge in a vast selection of movies, series, and concerts, and discover our state-of-the-art Strato Movie Player and robust Terra Prime Servers. Elevate your entertainment experience with a purchase that transcends the ordinary.

Discover Your Portal to Exceptional Entertainment

Dive into a world where stunning visuals, immersive audio, and personalized media access converge to redefine your entertainment experience. Explore each section to unveil unique facets that make every viewing moment extraordinary.


Peerless Visuals:
A New Benchmark in Home Cinema

Elevate your in-home viewing with cutting-edge video capabilities. Offering full support for 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Dolby Vision, our systems deliver a visual spectacle that sets a new standard in home entertainment. Relish the intricate details of your most-loved films, from the nuanced hues to the crispest lines and fluid movement.

Captivating Soundscapes: The Art of Immersive Audio

Transform your auditory experience with  unparalleled sound technology. Engineered to support lossless audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, our systems envelop you in a sonic landscape that's as vivid as real life. Achieve the precision and clarity of a commercial-grade sound system, capturing every auditory detail—from the softest murmur to the most thunderous roar. Elevate your listening experience to new heights, whether you're enjoying blockbuster films or your favorite tunes.


Your Personalized Entertainment Journey:

Your Personalized Entertainment Hub

Dive into a seamless media realm with a user-centric platform. Our intuitive interface pairs effortless navigation with customizable collections, making browsing and purchasing a breeze. Enjoy automatic updates that keep your library fresh and diverse. Create collections based on your preferences, whether it's comedy, action, or romance, and access your favorite entertainment swiftly. Catering to movie enthusiasts and families alike, our platform simplifies media organization while elevating your viewing experience. With built-in parental controls, ensure a safe, age-appropriate media environment for your loved ones.

Anywhere, Anytime
Unrivaled Accessibility

Unlock a realm of effortless access to your cherished content, regardless of your location or the device at hand. The liberty to delve into your movies and music from any gadget—be it your TV, tablet, or smartphone—makes it a breeze to relish your content anytime, anywhere. The flawless interplay between devices empowers you to kickstart a movie on your TV and seamlessly transition to your tablet or smartphone to continue the cinematic journey.


Uninterrupted Entertainment at Your Fingertips

The Disc-to-Digital functionality is your gateway to a contemporary home entertainment landscape. Operating on systems with kOS 10.14.0 or later, you can smoothly transition your Blu-ray discs or DVDs into digital format using a certified external USB Blu-ray drive linked to your Strato class player. Upon connection, the Strato player springs into disc recognition mode, swiftly cataloging your physical discs into your digital library. This streamlined transition not only liberates your living space from physical clutter but also embellishes your movie store with a tailored collection.

Epic Family Time: Uninterrupted Entertainment for Cherished Moments

Here's where we stand apart: All Content is downloaded directly to your home server, ensuring a flawless playback with no interruptions, even if your internet goes down. Say goodbye to the buffering issues common with streaming services. Plus, with the option to rent or own, you have the flexibility to enjoy movies your way. 


Automated Cinematic Experience:
Integrating with Home Automation for Seamless Ambiance

Enter into a realm of cinematic immersion with seamless integration into your home automation system, like Control4. Experience the "real cinema" ambiance as screen masking technology automatically adjusts to the aspect ratio of your movie downloads, enhancing contrast and vibrancy. With a fully integrated setup, let Kaleidescape act as your virtual projectionist, orchestrating lighting scenes that dim as your movie begins, brighten for intermissions, and gradually illuminate as credits roll. This synergy transforms any space into a captivating home theater. Discover more about Control4 integration

Simplified Installation Guide for the Strato C and Terra Prime:


  1. Ensure a stable internet connection is available.

  2. Have your Strato C player and Terra Prime server ready along with necessary cables.


  1. Connect the player to your TV or home theater system using the included HDMI cable.

  2. Connect the Terra server and the Strato player to your network using the included Ethernet cables

Power Up:

  1. Plug in the power cords to both the player and server, and power them on.

  2. Follow the on-screen setup instructions on your TV to configure the player.

  3. Use a computer or mobile device to configure the Terra server following the instructions provided in the manual.

Network Configuration:

  1. Ensure that both the player and server are connected to the same network.

  2. Verify network connectivity in the settings menu of the player and on the configuration page of the server.

Content Management:

  1. Browse and download movies from the Store to the server.

  2. The downloaded content will be available for playback on the player.

Enjoy Your Entertainment:

  1. Use the on-screen interface of the player to browse and play movies stored on the server.

  2. Enjoy a seamless entertainment experience across your devices.


  1. Keep the software on both the Strato player and Terra server updated for optimal performance.

  2. For troubleshooting or more detailed instructions, refer to the full installation guides: Strato Guide, Terra Guide.

Here at Epic Systems we have installed thousands of Kaleidescape Systems, please call us for any assistance or check out the following Install Guides

  • Is it possible to hook my TV up to headphones so my spouse can sleep while I watch TV?
    Absolutely! Many modern TVs come with Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect wireless headphones directly. If your TV doesn't have this feature, you can use a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into your TV's audio output.
  • What are wireless speakers?
    Wireless speakers are audio devices that receive sound signals using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other wireless technologies, eliminating the need for physical cables. They offer flexibility in placement and can be used with various devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. Check out our Sonos wireless speaker page for more help.
  • What is streaming audio?
    Streaming audio refers to listening to music or any audio content in real-time over the internet, rather than downloading files to play offline. Popular streaming platforms include Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Check out our Sonos wireless speaker page for more help.
  • What is whole house audio or multi-room audio?
    Whole house or multi-room audio systems allow you to play music or other audio content in multiple rooms simultaneously. These systems can be controlled centrally, letting you choose different tracks for each room or sync them all together. Check out our Sonos wireless speaker page for more help.
  • What is Dolby Atmos?
    Dolby Atmos is an advanced sound technology that creates an immersive audio experience by placing sound all around you, including overhead. It's commonly used in home theaters and home audio systems to enhance the depth and dimension of soundtracks.
  • How do I choose the right audio system for my home?
    Consider factors like room size, acoustics, your budget, and the type of audio experience you desire. Consulting with audio professionals, like those at Epic Systems, can help tailor a system to your specific needs.
  • Can I integrate my existing audio devices with a new system?
    Yes, many modern home audio systems are designed to be compatible with a range of devices. However, it's essential to check compatibility and possibly consult with one of our friendly experts.
  • How often should I update or upgrade my home audio system?
    While there's no set rule, consider upgrading when there are significant advancements in technology or when your current system no longer meets your needs.
  • Are smart speakers the same as wireless speakers?
    While all smart speakers are wireless, not all wireless speakers are smart. Smart speakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, come with built-in virtual assistants and can perform tasks beyond playing music, such as setting reminders or controlling smart home devices.
  • How can I optimize the acoustics of my room for the best audio experience?
    Room acoustics play a crucial role in sound quality. Consider factors like room size, shape, and materials. Using rugs, curtains, or acoustic panels can help improve sound absorption and reduce echoes.
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