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The Life of Legacy Audio products are measured in decades.

Exceptional hand-crafted audio

Legacy Audio

Immerse Yourself in  Four Decades of Sonic Bliss
For 40 years, Legacy Audio speakers have been the maestro of sound, refusing to settle for anything less than the extraordinary. They've meticulously crafted a legacy (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) as our choice manufacturer in high-performance sound. 
Immerse yourself in the magic at Epic Systems. We welcome you to our store, here online, and into our NJ showroom – it's not just a store; it's a symphony waiting for you to experience. 

We also promise that when you purchase from Epic Systems, you're not just getting the best; you're getting our unwavering online service and support. Our audiophiles are always here to guide you through your selection, answer any questions, and ensure you maximize the potential of your investment. Whether you're browsing our online Legacy Audio speaker store or visiting our showroom, we hope to be your trusted partner in a world of sonic perfection.


Joe Caravella 

Why Legacy Audio?

It's The Audiophile's Choice!
Legacy Audio shines as a symbol of unmatched quality within the elite circles of premium Hi-Fi. It's not just a label but the gold standard for those seeking a profound, emotional connection to music and media. Come hear why this brand sets the bar in the world of sophisticated listening:

Unmatched Fidelity

  • Crystal-clear sound Quality from treble to mid's to bass.

  • True-to-life experience at any volume.

  • Award-winning history of excellence.

Technological Mastery

  • Proprietary innovations like Wavelet.

  • Custom solutions for unique auditory preferences.

  • Frontline of  technology 

Artisan Craftsmanship:

  • Environmental responsibility.

  • Use of sustainable materials.

  • Your investment supports auditory  harmony.

Sustainable Excellence

  • Visually stunning with sonic performance.

  • Hand-selected materials for optimal acoustics.

  • A seamless blend of art and natural sound.

Legacy Audio: A Symphony of Sound

Welcome to the World of Legacy Audio - where innovation meets tradition to deliver unparalleled audio experiences. Renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Legacy Audio offers a diverse range of high-fidelity products designed to bring the concert hall into your home. Explore our extensive lineup and discover how Legacy Audio can transform your listening experience.

Discover Your Sound with A Legacy Audio Speaker System

For the music enthusiast desiring crystal-clear beats or the film buff craving a theater-like ambiance, they caters to all. Every item in their lineup reflects their dedication to excellence, creativity, and the impact of impeccable sound quality. Dive in and discover one of the best sounding systems that's attuned not just to your ears but also to your space.

Legacy Audio Floor Standing Speakers in Epic Home Theater Showroom Randolph NJ


A Legacy floor-standing speaker system will fill your space with rich, full-bodied audio, capturing every nuance from the subtlest whisper to the most thunderous roar. Whether you're a music lover seeking emotional depth or a movie buff demanding cinematic immersion, these deliver.

Discover a superb new loudspeaker system for your sanctuary of sound. Whether you're an audiophile looking at the Valor series, a movie enthusiast who loves the Focus series, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, Legacy Floorstanding speakers has something for eveyone, 


Big sound, small footprint? Legacy Audio bookshelf speakers shatter expectations. Don't let their size fool you; these are titans, delivering expansive, detailed sound that fills your space with richness in every note.

Ideal for those who value both sophistication and space, these will seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with truly innovative speaker design.


  • Immersive Sound: From whisper-soft melodies to room-shaking crescendos, these will envelop you in sound that defies their compact form.

  • Innovation at Your Fingertips: Decades of engineering culminate in these bookshelf speakers.

  • Adaptable Performance: Whether gracing your stereo, powering your home theater, or listening room, these adapt seamlessly to your needs.

  • Sustainable Craftsmanship: Each one is built with meticulous attention to detail, using eco-friendly materials that sound good and feel good for the planet.

Your music, Your Way: Legacy Audio understands personalization. Fine-tune this bookshelf speaker system to your unique preferences, crafting an immersive experience just for you.

Legacy Audio Bookshelf Speaker on Subwoofer
Legacy Audio Subwoofer Top View


Forget mere vibrations – experience the seismic shift of their subwoofers. These meticulously crafted boomers are more than bass machines; they're instruments, weaving pulses through your very core. Dive deep into the full spectrum of deep bass performance, from the subtlest low-end whispers to the earth-shaking roars of a cinematic explosion.

Whether you're a bass-chasing audiophile or a movie buff seeking cinematic immersion, we have a subwoofer to unleash your sonic sanctuary. Don't just hear the music – feel the Legacy.

Legacy Audio Speaker Finishes

Forget basic speakers. Legacy Audio lets you dress your sound in stunning finishes, meticulously chosen to elevate your space. More than just color, these finishes are an extension of you. Imagine the grandeur of Cabernet Sapele Pommele floorstanders anchoring your home theater, or the subtle elegance of Birds Eye Maple bookshelf speakers whispering sophistication in your living room. Explore our symphony of finishes below and let your speakers sing, not just with music, but with the unique beauty that reflects you.

Legacy Audio Amplifiers and Electronics

Legacy Audio is not just about speakers, it's about an experience that immerses you in unparalleled clarity and depth. their dedicated electronics are designed for those who seek more than just listening—they seek to feel, explore, and connect with music in its purest form.

Innovative Technologies at the Core

At the heart of Legacy Audio's groundbreaking electronics lies a suite of advanced technologies. ICEedge® technology brings to our amplifiers an efficiency and power that defy expectations, while our pioneering use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications offers an acoustic precision that captivates and enthralls. These core technologies and our commitment to cool-running systems ensure that every Legacy Audio electronic component delivers sound and an extraordinary auditory adventure.


Masters Collection:

Ultra Amplifiers and Wavelet 2 Processor

The Wavelet 2, redefines the listening experience by merging a control preamp,  high-end DAC, digital crossover, and an advanced room correction system into a single unit. This device stands out for its ability to "learn" the acoustics of your room, employing algorithms to analyze and optimize sound. By correcting sonic imperfections and enhancing the natural acoustics, the Wavelet 2 ensures that music is experienced in its intended form.

i·V Series Ultra Amplifiers: 

The i·V Series Ultra Amplifiers epitomize Legacy Audio's fusion of immense power with meticulous audio fidelity. These amplifiers have cutting-edge ICEedge® technology, offering unparalleled efficiency and control across all output levels. Designed for the audiophile who seeks the essence of every musical detail, the i·V Series Ultra Amplifiers deliver a profoundly powerful and delicate sound, ensuring an experience that captures every performance's true spirit and emotion.

Performance Collection:

This series is engineered for audiophiles and enthusiasts who demand power in their audio equipment and finesse that brings high-resolution recordings to life. Each model within this collection is designed with a specific purpose in mind, ensuring that every aspect of your audio experience is elevated.

Tailored Amplification for Every Need

i·V2: This amplifier shines in its ability to enhance the depth and clarity of high-resolution recordings. Its precise engineering ensures that every detail, from the subtlest note to the most complex harmony, is delivered with unparalleled clarity.

i·V4: Ideal for bi-amping setups, the i·V4 combines advanced technology with versatile application. Its design allows for the independent control of different frequency ranges, providing a balanced and immersive soundstage.

i·V6 & i·V7: These amplifiers are the powerhouses of the Performance Collection, designed to meet the demands of home theaters and sophisticated audio installations. With their remarkable efficiency and robust output, the i·V6 and i·V7 ensure that your cinematic and musical experiences are both immersive and dynamic.

The Performance Collection stands as a beacon of Legacy Audio's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in audio technology.


Lifestyle Collection:

Crafted for those who seek an exceptional listening experience without compromising on style, this collection brings sophisticated audio solutions that blend seamlessly into the fabric of your daily life. Each piece within the Lifestyle Collection is designed to sound extraordinary and complement the aesthetics of any living space.



  • i·V3: The i·V3 amplifier embodies the essence of the Lifestyle Collection, offering a sleek design coupled with powerful performance. Its state-of-the-art ICEedge® technology ensures it operates remarkably efficiently, making it a perfect fit for spaces where form and function are equally valued.

  • i·V5: Designed for the modern home theater enthusiast, the i·V5 is the cornerstone of a sophisticated entertainment system. Its ability to deliver immersive, cinema-quality sound while maintaining a discreet presence exemplifies the fusion of lifestyle and audio excellence.

  • Powerbloc2 & Powerbloc4: These amplifiers are the workhorses of the Lifestyle Collection, providing robust power and reliability in a design that's as visually appealing as it is audibly impressive.

Thank you for visiting...

Legacy Audio stands as a beacon of excellence, where every speaker, amplifier, and processor is engineered to reproduce sound and deliver an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary. Legacy speakers, renowned for their clarity, depth, and dynamic range, pair seamlessly with the precision and power of our electronics. From Legacy amplifiers' robust energy to the Wavelet Processor's intelligent adaptability, each component is a testament to our commitment to audio perfection. 

We thank you for exploring the world of Legacy Audio with us. If you're inspired to experience the pinnacle of sound, we invite you to reach out and discover how Legacy Audio can elevate your listening experience. 

Legacy Signature SE Floorstanding Speaker System Review:
"Very smooth wide-range sound, top to bottom. Particularly impressive bass response—deep, taut, detailed, but without any exaggeration. Can play incredibly loud without strain."
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