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Legacy Audio's Extreme XD Subwoofer:

The Xtreme XD is a powerful and fast subwoofer designed to match the performance of the Whisper XDS. Equipped with dynamic braking, it features a new 15" driver with a spun aluminum black cone and a substantial 35 lb. magnet structure. In addition, it includes a 15" passive radiator and extra ICEpower® amplification, elevating its status to world-class levels.


The Xtreme XD delivers bass that is characterized by its agility and responsiveness, providing a dynamic and lively listening experience. With this subwoofer, you can expect impactful bass with a sense of bounce, rather than a boomy quality. Enjoy deep, controlled bass reproduction that enhances your audio system's performance to the highest level.

Extreme XD Subwoofer From Legacy Audio

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  • Application:
    Articulate sub with heavy impact and deep bass extension

    System Type:
    Subwoofer mass loaded, pneumatically coupled

    15" spun aluminum spun core 560 oz motor structure, dynamic braking

    15" mass loaded downfiring

    Low Frequency Alignment:
    6th Order/Back EMF canceling circuit

    LFE, L/R RCA, balanced XLR

    Internal Amplificiation:
    1000 Watts Ultra efficient ICEpower®

    Frequency Response (Hz, +/- 2dB):

    10K Ohm Amp Input

    Phase Adjustment:
    Continuous +/-180

    Blend EQ:
    +/- 12 dB @45Hz

    Max. SPL:
    123 dB @1m

    Low Pass Filter Slope:
    18 dB per octave

    Crossover (Hz):

    Dimensions HxWxD (Inches):
    27.375 x 18.25 x 18.25

    120 lbs

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