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Nano By Josh AI: the tiniest yet most powerful in-room microphone. With hands-free control available in every room, Josh Nano not only knows which room you're in but also which devices to manage. It effortlessly sets the ambiance for your day, from adjusting lights and shades to playing your favorite music and more!


Incredibly Compact

Despite its size, Josh Nano is optimized to command even the most extensive and advanced commands. Just slightly larger than a quarter, it works seamlessly in conjunction with Josh Core as the central brain.


Designed to Blend In

Josh Nano is engineered to disappear into your surroundings, whether it's positioned on a wall or ceiling.

Privacy First

At, they prioritize trust in making your house a home. That's why Josh Nano comes equipped with a disconnect switch, allowing you to disable its microphones completely. Rest assured that your private conversations stay just that—private.


Voice for the Smart Home

Josh Nano is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with and respond through your home's premium sound system, giving your smart home a voice that enhances your daily life.


Designed to Blend In

Available in Coral White and Jet Black, Josh Nano discreetly suits any environment. It can even be camouflaged with a custom paint cover, ensuring it seamlessly matches the most discerning aesthetics. 

Nano By Josh AI

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  • Dimensions

    • Width: 42mm (1.6 in)
    • Height: 42mm (1.6 in)
    • Depth: 3mm (0.12 in)


    • Power Supply: 5V 1A 50/60Hz
    • POE Converter: 200mm (8 in) USB-C
    • Max Power Draw: 5 Watts

    Required System Components

    • Software License
    • Enterprise grade network deployment
    • Josh Core
    • app (available on iOS & Android)


    • Coral White & Jet Black

    Programmable Features

    • Touch: Single Tap
    • Sensors: Temperature

    Included Items

    • 1x Josh Nano
    • 1x USB-C to POE Adapter
  • Click Here to Download Press Kit

    Click Here to Download Josh Nano .STP File

    Click Here to Download Josh Nano Spec Sheet

    Click Here to Download Josh Nano POE Adapter .STP File

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