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Empowering Control with the Remote by Josh AI

Josh Remote puts the power of control right into your hand, offering a sleek handheld touchscreen interface that seamlessly integrates with systems. It includes a dedicated "Speak to Josh" microphone icon, ensuring that you enjoy the same contextual awareness as you do with your microphones. Unlike traditional remotes that are limited to cable, satellite, or streaming navigation, This Remote empowers users to freely communicate with their entire smart home.


Elegance for Every Home

A Remote offers natural voice control and an elegant user interface, effectively bringing the capabilities of and JoshGPT into your palm. In a smart home, each Josh Remote, aware of its location, becomes an essential and ever-ready touch device companion, enhancing the user experience. Unlike smartphones, It is always unlocked and available for anyone to use, aligning with's inclusive and intuitive home intelligence platform.


Josh Remote offers endless possibilities with access to custom scenes. By activating the scene view, users can seamlessly control all of their connected devices. Customize each Josh Remote's configuration with up to eight scenes applicable to its assigned room, making it easy to initiate specific scenarios like "Movie Night" in a home theater, "Good Night" in a hotel room, or "Meeting Time" in a conference room, all through voice and touch control.


Convenient Voice Control

Featuring embedded near-field microphones, providing convenient access to room-aware and whole-home voice control. This is especially useful in situations with background noise, making discreet voice commands a breeze. Simply press the microphone icon to begin speaking to Josh, for example:

“Turn on all the lights in the house.”

“Close the shades 20% in the kitchen”

"Set the living room to 75 degrees.”

"Listen to classiic rock in the great room.”

"Watch Hulu.”

"Lock the front door.”

"Who stars in the show Succession?”

"Which movie has won the most Oscars?”

Josh AI remote control

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