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For a limited time receive up to $1500 in movie store credits with your purchase of a new Kaleidescape system. 


Experience Movies Like Never Before:

Uncompressed 4K HDR with Kaleidescape Terra Prime HDD | 8TB-96TB (Made in USA)

Dive into movie magic with Kaleidescape Terra Prime HDD, your gateway to uncompressed 4K HDR and immersive home theater experiences. Forget streaming services that lag and rediscover the cinematic splendor of your favorite films, every detail preserved in pristine quality. Complete your order with the Strato C Movie Player.


Unleash the ultimate cinematic experience with:

  • Uncompressed content: Dive into stunning visuals with zero compression, just as filmmakers intended. Experience every grain of film, shadow, and highlight in uncompromised 4K HDR brilliance.
  • Multi-zone playback: Watch different movies in different rooms simultaneously. Host epic movie nights with friends or create personalized experiences for everyone.
  • User-friendly interface: Browse your vast library effortlessly with a simple and intuitive interface. Find your favorite film in seconds and lose yourself in the magic.
  • Seamless viewing: Enjoy fast downloads, reliable playback, and support for top-tier audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Immerse yourself in the world of the film with unparalleled sound.
  • Customizable experience: Elevate your home theater with smart home integration, controlling lighting, shading, seating, and screen masking for a truly immersive environment.
  • Made in USA: Crafted with pride and meticulous attention to detail in the United States, ensuring premium performance and unmatched reliability.
  • Kaleidescape Terra Prime HDD: More than just a movie server, it's the cornerstone of a cinematic revolution in your living space.


We're offering you a golden opportunity to embrace the future of cinema at home.

Don't miss out on this exclusive Epic offer!
Free Movie Credits
Elevate your home theater experience with the unmatched combination of the Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server and Strato C Movie Player. And now, for a limited time, receive up to $1500 in free movie store credits with your purchase. (existing strato clients adding a server) Take advantage of this incredible offer and transform your home into a personal theater.


And for our existing Premiere clients, you can also qualify for up to $4722.75 in disc to digital movie store credits.

Kaleidescape Terra Prime HDD: Uncompressed Movies, Immersive Home Theater

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Networking: 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (recommended), 1 Gigabit Ethernet (minimum)
    • Storage Capacity: 8TB to 88TB (choose the perfect size for your movie library)
    • Physical Specifications: We offer ack mount options in our store, designed for seamless home theater integration
    • Environmental: Operating Temperature: 41 to 95°F, Storage Temperature: -4 to 140°F
    • Certifications: CSA 62368-1, IEC 62368-1, FCC CLASS B, CE, RoHS Compliant
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