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Wavelet II Processor From Legacy Audio


Introducing the Legacy Audio Wavelet 2, a versatile and powerful audio system that combines the functionalities of a control preamp, high-end DAC, 2/3/4-way digital crossover with time alignment, and a speaker correction system. Its advanced technology goes beyond conventional systems by adapting to the unique acoustic characteristics of your room.

The Wavelet 2 is designed to "learn" and optimize the audio reproduction in your specific listening environment. With its built-in speaker correction capabilities, it analyzes the room's acoustics and applies precise adjustments to ensure accurate and balanced sound reproduction.

Experience the ultimate control and customization of your audio system with the Wavelet 2, where exceptional room correction, precise time alignment, and high-fidelity DAC capabilities come together to deliver a truly immersive and accurate listening experience.

Wavelet 2 Processor / DAC / Preamp Legacy Audio

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  • Introducing the Legacy Wavelet 2, a powerful audio processor that addresses the imperfections and resonances of your listening environment. With advanced room analysis and correction capabilities, the Wavelet 2 reduces resonant energy and enhances tonal balance and pitch definition for an improved listening experience.

    If you already have a preferred DAC or enjoy analog sources like vinyl, the Wavelet 2 offers balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs, ensuring high-quality analog integration without digital artifacts. An apodizing circuit corrects pre-ringing artifacts, while the Wavelet 2 processes audio at an impressive 64-bit depth for unparalleled resolution.

    The Wavelet 2 is designed to be upgradable, allowing for firmware updates directly from the unit. It is easy to set up and control via the included App, compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, and other smart devices. The package includes a precision-calibrated microphone and a Wi-Fi adapter for wireless operation.

    With multiple analog and digital inputs, eight balanced and eight unbalanced outputs, and various communication options, the Wavelet 2 seamlessly integrates into any audio system. Experience perfect timing and natural decay of all frequencies with the Legacy Wavelet 2, unlocking the true potential of your audio setup.

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