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Legacy Audio Amplifiers: A 2024 Guide to Audiophile Amps

Updated: Feb 4

Discover the Art of Superior Sound.

 2024 Guide To Legacy Audio Amplifiers
Legacy Audio Amplifier 2024 Guide

Read our 2024 Legacy Audio Speaker guide. Thank you for stopping into the world of high-fidelity audio with Legacy Audio amplifers, a pinnacle of excellence since 1983. Equipped with cutting-edge ICEedge technology, these amplifiers are famed among audiophiles for their robust power and meticulous precision. A Legacy Audio amp is not just an enhancement to your sound system; it represents a revolution in auditory experience. This article demystifies the technical complexities, guiding you through why these powerhouses stand out in delivering an unparalleled auditory sensation. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or new to the world of high-quality audio, understanding Legacy Audio's impact on your sound system is essential.

Key Takeaways

  • Legacy Audio Amps offer unparalleled power and performance, delivering highly efficient and low distortion, enhancing the quality of any audio experience.

  • Incorporating ICEedge technology, All the amps set new benchmarks for Class D high current amplifiers, offering exceptional efficiency, flexible design, and superior audio quality compared to traditional amplifier technologies.

  • The lineup provides various options for every audiophile, with its flagship i·V Series offering top-tier performance and the Powerbloc Series providing quality sound at a more accessible price.

Legacy Amp's Exceptional Power

Legacy Audio amplifiers exceptional power rating capabilities are underpinned by the latest advancements in state-of-the-art technology, enabling them to deliver unparalleled performance. This performance is not just about loudness but also about quality, with the amps exhibiting remarkably low distortion, silent operation, and an impressive bass response.

In addition, these amps can accommodate a wide range of power outputs, making them the amplifier of choice for audio enthusiasts who demand more from their sound system. Whether you’re listening to a delicate orchestral piece or a thunderous rock anthem, these amps have the power to bring every note to life in exquisite detail. It’s no wonder they have garnered such acclaim among audiophiles and music lovers.

The Powerhouse Behind Legacy Audio

The impressive power capabilities can be attributed to ICEedge technology, a proprietary solution developed by Legacy Audio. This technology enables the amps to handle more power while maintaining a high level of efficiency. But the benefits of ICEedge technology go beyond sheer power. It also plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable operation and superior sound output, thanks to advanced control and protection features as well as meticulous grounding experimentation.

One of the key indicators of the reliability and efficiency of Legacy Audio components is the performance of the 1200AS module. This module utilizes cool running technology, ensuring the amp remains stable and efficient even when managing seven channels in a multi-channel audio system. Another crucial factor is the ample peak power, which prevents the truncation of transient peaks in music, a common issue with less capable amplifiers. This prevents potential speaker damage caused by underpowering and clipping, ensuring complete audio fidelity.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Speakers

A significant benefit of Legacy Audio's’ enhanced power is the optimization of Legacy Audio speaker performance. By ensuring that your speakers receive the proper power to perform their best, these amps significantly enhance the quality of your audio experience. This makes them an excellent choice for any home theater or listening room, capable of delivering an immersive and dynamic sound that will bring your favorite movies and music to life in ways you've never experienced before.

These amps are compatible with your favorite speakers, including Legacy speakers like the Classic HD and Focus SE. This combination of compatibility and superior power capabilities makes it a compelling alternative to traditional tube amps.. Whether you’re a casual listener or a dedicated audiophile, Legacy Amps provide the power and performance to unleash the full potential of your audio experience to new heights.

Legacy Audio Amp Inside look
Inside look of Legacy Audio Amp

ICEedge Technology:

At the heart of every Legacy Audio amplifier lies ICEPower technology, a groundbreaking advancement in Class D amplifier technologies. This innovation has been crucial in redefining the perception of Class D amplifiers within the audiophile community. Once viewed as merely average, Class D amps have ascended to premium status, largely thanks to the influence of ICEPower.

ICEPower technology, in concert with other notable advancements like Hypex and Pascal, now leads the charge in the realm of Class D technologies. Legacy Audio has been at the forefront of this revolution, with their iV2 amplifier being a testament to the new benchmarks set for Class D amplification. The iV2 exemplifies the perfect blend of power, precision, and audio fidelity, marking a significant leap in the evolution of sound systems.

Legacy Audio' Commitment and Approach:

  • Innovative Excellence: Focuses on how Legacy uses ICEPower to push the boundaries of what Class D amplifiers can achieve.

  • Superior Sound Quality: Highlights the company's dedication to achieving the highest possible audio quality.

  • Uncompromising Standards: Underlines Legacy Audios' commitment to maintaining the highest standards in their products.

Advantages of ICEedge

Class D amps benefit tremendously from this innovation, like the class d amp with ICEedge technology. At its core, ICEedge technology consists of a dual channel Controller IC and two Driver IC’s, enabling it to operate efficiently. This efficiency allows amplifiers like the Legacy i·V2 Class D Stereo Amplifier to achieve an efficiency of nearly 80% while producing robust sound, accommodating a broad spectrum of power outputs ranging from 50 to 7000 watts into 4 ohms, and outperforming other amps in the market.

In addition to its efficiency, ICEedge technology also contributes to enhanced audio quality. By providing extensive design flexibility, it allows for the development of higher power amplifiers, which in turn can lead to improved audio quality. This technology also reduces distortion in Class D amplifiers by employing a sophisticated design prioritizes low-distortion performance. This combination of efficiency, flexibility, and low distortion makes ICEedge technology a game-changer in the world of Class D amps.

Comparing ICEedge to Other Technologies

ICEedge technology represents a significant leap forward in audiophile amplifier technology. It enables the creation of high-performance, high-power, and dependable class D amplifier designs, while simultaneously delivering exceptional efficiency. When compared to traditional amplifier technologies such as Class A/B and Class G/H, ICEedge offers a chipset that enables amplifiers with a power range from 50 up to 7000 watts into 4 Ohms, showcasing its efficiency and power scalability.

Moreover, ICEedge technology provides high efficiency, low noise, and low distortion, resulting in a robust and well-balanced sound delivery. With over seven years of development behind it, ICEedge technology provides a significant advantage to class D amplifiers through the introduction of patented methods for measuring and correcting dead time.

Legacy Amp Lineup:

Legacy Audio Amps presents a plethora of choices, each offering its unique blend of performance and value. The lineup includes the i·V Series and the Powerbloc Series, each tailored to different needs and budgets. The i·V Series represents the pinnacle of performance in the Legacy lineup, offering enhanced dynamic capability, reduced noise floor, stronger crests, and improved dynamic resolution.

On the other hand, the Powerbloc Series is designed to deliver outstanding power and performance at a more accessible price range. These series represent the two ends of the spectrum from Legacy Audio.

Whether you are an audiophile in pursuit of top-tier audio performance or a music enthusiast seeking a cost-effective, high-quality amplifier, their lineup has something for you.

Legacy Audio iV-3 Ultra Amplifier
iV-3 Ultra Amplifier from Legacy Audio

iV ULTRA Series

The iV ULTRA Series represents the zenith of Legacy Audio's engineering prowess, setting a new standard in the realm of elite audio amplification. Building upon the foundation of the acclaimed i·V Series, the iV ULTRA series takes performance to an unprecedented level. These amplifiers are crafted for those who demand the absolute best in audio quality. Key features include:

  • Ultra-High Power Output: Each channel in the iV ULTRA series is capable of delivering an astounding power output, pushing the limits of what's possible in audio amplification.

  • Exceptional Clarity and Detail: With an advanced design that delivers crystal-clear audio, the iV ULTRA series amplifiers ensure that every note and nuance is reproduced precisely.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Incorporating the latest advancements in amplifier technology, the iV ULTRA series stands at the forefront of audio innovation, offering unparalleled performance.

  • Sophisticated Design: Merging aesthetic elegance with functional brilliance, the iV ULTRA series amplifiers are not just audio equipment but a statement in sophisticated audio design.

Whether it's for an audiophile's dedicated listening room or a high-end home theater setup, the iV ULTRA series amplifiers promise an audio experience that is overwhelmingly powerful, exquisitely detailed, and enveloping.

Legacy Audio Amp iV 2
Legacy Audio iV 2 Amp

i·V Series

The i·V Series is the flagship offering from Legacy Audio, delivering the highest possible level of performance in Hi-Fi audio. These amplifiers are equipped with:

  • A dedicated module per channel

  • Capable of delivering up to 1,000 watts into 4 ohms all channels driven

  • Peak output current capability of 38A

  • Efficiency rate of 80%

This power, delivering 610 watts per channel into 8 Ohms, provides more power coupled with an efficiency rate of 80%, ensuring that these amplifiers deliver a sound that is not just loud but also clear and detailed, perfect for high-resolution recordings. With such an impressive power rating, watts per channel, and cool running technology, your audio experience will be elevated to new heights.

Whether you’re listening to music in your living room or enjoying a movie in your home theater, the i·V Series powerful home theater amplifier delivers a sound that is:

  • Powerful

  • Immersive

  • Rich in detail

  • Alive with dynamics

They wrap you in a sonic landscape that is truly captivating. Shop i-V Series Amps

Powerbloc Amplifier By Legacy Audio
Legacy Audio Powerbloc Amplifier

Powerbloc Series

On the other end of the spectrum, the Powerbloc Series offers impressive performance at a more accessible price point. These amplifiers provide significant power, delivering the necessary power for most audio enthusiasts while maintaining exceptional sound quality. The Powerbloc series includes the Powerbloc4 and the Powerbloc2, each offering its unique blend of power and quality.

But affordability doesn’t mean compromise. The Powerbloc series is designed with the same commitment to quality and performance that defines Legacy Audio. From their sturdy design to their high-performance features, these amplifiers represent a perfect blend of affordability and quality, making them the ideal choice for those seeking high-quality sound on a budget. Shop Powerbloc Series Amps

Tailoring Your Sound:

A significant strength of Legacy Audio amplifiers is their adaptability. They offer a range of configurations and customizations that allow you to tailor your sound to your preferences. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your audio system for a specific music genre or want to experiment with different sound profiles, Legacy Amps provide the tools and flexibility you need to create your perfect sound.

From bi-amping and bridging capabilities to channel configurations and custom options, Legacy Audio provides a wealth of possibilities for customizing your sound. Whatever your audio needs or preferences, these amps offer the flexibility to create a sound that is uniquely yours.

Bi-Amping and Bridging Capabilities

Bi-amping is one of the most effective techniques for customizing your sound. This technique involves using two amplifiers to drive distinct frequency ranges of a speaker, often for the highs and lows, in order to enhance performance. Bi-amping allows the user to utilize separate amplification for different frequency ranges, improving sound reproduction precision.

Another powerful technique is bridging, which entails the combination of two channels of a stereo amp into a single, more potent channel, effectively doubling the output to a speaker or a set of speakers. Bridging can notably amplify the output power of Legacy Amps, offering a more substantial and resilient sound delivery, particularly for speakers with high power demands.

Channel into 8 Ohms

Another key aspect of tailoring your sound is understanding the concept of channeling into 8 ohms and the impact of ohms on all channels driven. This impacts the efficiency of a Legacy amplifier by enabling it to:

  • Operate at a higher percentage of efficiency

  • Deliver power more effectively

  • Provide consistent power and manage speaker impedance without any compromise in sound quality or risk of overheating

This contributes to a lower noise floor and output capabilities providing stability, ensuring optimal amplifier performance. The influence of 8 ohms on the sound quality generated by Legacy amplifiers is a subject of debate. However, an 8-ohm configuration signifies that the amplifier is engineered to deliver peak performance when matched with speakers having an impedance of 8 ohms, ensuring a harmonious balance between the amplifier’s power output, sound quality, and system stability.

Legacy Audio Calibrated Amplifiers In Our Showroom
Showroom With Legacy Audio Calibrated Amplifiers

Integrating Legacy Audio Amplifiers into Your Audio System

After selecting your Legacy Amp and customizing your sound, it’s time to integrate it into your home audio system. During the input stage, the process of setting up audio components does not follow a specific order, but it is advisable to power down the amps before connecting them to the speakers.

Choosing the right cables for your setup is also crucial. RCA cables are recommended and the positioning of your amps can significantly influence audio quality. So, not only do you need to consider the technical aspects of your setup, but also the physical placement of your equipment.

Setup and Calibration Tips

Setting up and calibrating your Legacy Amp correctly is crucial for achieving optimal performance. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Start by adjusting all amp gains to their lowest point.

  2. Consider utilizing specific settings such as input sensitivity switches to enhance noise-free performance.

  3. Adjust the settings to achieve tube-like midrange purity.

  4. Ensure full tonal balance by adjusting the equalizer settings.

  5. Fine-tune the settings to attain exceptional bass.

  6. Calibrate the amp to facilitate effortless power delivery.

Following these steps will help you get the most out of your Legacy Amp and ensure a high-quality audio experience.

The Role of Interconnects and Power Cords

Interconnect cables are crucial in linking line-level signal devices within your audio system, facilitating the connection between an audio source and an amplifier. Legacy Audio make use of a range of interconnect types, including:

  • TS cables

  • TRS cables

  • XLR cables

  • speakON cables

These cables guarantee optimal audio transmission quality.

The quality of power cords significantly affects the performance of an audio system. Inferior power cords can result in increased noise levels and unclear transients. It is recommended to select well-engineered cables for Legacy Amplifiers as they can improve clarity and sound purity. Reviews can provide valuable insights into finding the most suitable cords for the system.

The Sonic Experience

Having discussed the technical elements of Legacy Amps, it’s time to explore the sonic experiences they provide. The sound quality these amps deliver is truly outstanding and you can hear them for your self in our showroom. Our staff and visitors expressed a profound sense of awe and heightened engagement while listening. The Legacy i·V2, in particular, presents a more relaxed and slightly laid-back sound perspective in comparison to Class A amplifiers, offering a different emotional impact that may be perceived as somewhat reserved.

The detail resolution provided by the Legacy i·V2 Class D Stereo Amplifier is particularly impressive. Despite its remarkable power, the Legacy I ·V2 does not exhibit a more dynamic sound at typical volumes when compared to Class A amplifiers such as the 50-watt Gryphon or 55-watt Valvet monoblocks, which are renowned for their dynamic contrast. However, the top-end sound of the Legacy i·V2 Class D Stereo Amplifier is characterized by a slight softness, resulting in a subtle lack of sparkle and sheen, providing instruments such as cymbals, triangles, and trumpets with a realistic yet softer edge.

The Emotional Factor

The superior sound quality in Legacy Audio systems correlates significantly with stronger positive emotions, a richer musical experience, and overall happiness. Our audiophile staff and visitors have expressed a profound sense of awe and heightened engagement while listening, attributing to extremely low distortion, quiet operation, powerful bass response, and captivating sound quality.

Features such as:

  • minimal noise and distortion

  • Tube-like midrange purity, often found in a tube amp

  • full tonal balance

  • effortless power delivery

All play a significant role in creating a more emotionally engaging listening experience. Whether you’re listening to a delicate orchestral piece or a thunderous rock anthem, these channel-driven amps have the power to bring every note to life in exquisite detail, immersing you in a sonic landscape that is rich in detail and alive with dynamics.

Our Home Theater Showroom Featuring Legacy Audio Amplifiers and Speakers
Our Legacy Audio Home Theater Showroom

In conclusion, Legacy Amps represent a perfect blend of power, detail, and emotional engagement. Whether you’re an audiophile seeking the ultimate sound quality or a music lover looking for a high-quality amplifier that won’t break the bank, the Legacy Amp lineup has something for you. With their impressive power capabilities, advanced ICE modules, and a range of customization options, these amps offer a sonic experience that is as unique as it is immersive. So why wait? Dive into the world of Legacy Amps and discover a new dimension of sound today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are legacy amps good?

Yes, legacy amps are good due to their solid, well-built, and powerful nature, with a neutral musicality. They perform well across the audible range.

How to buy a power amplifier?

Before you buy a power amplifier, please make sure to determine the power your speakers can handle and match the ohm load of the loudspeakers to the amplifier for optimal system performance.

What specific technology does Legacy Amps employ to achieve their power capabilities?

Legacy Amps employ ICEedge technology to achieve exceptional power-handling capabilities.

What are the amplifiers featured in the i·V Series and their corresponding power outputs?

The amplifiers featured in the i·V Series are the iV5, iV6, and iV7, each capable of delivering 610 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

What is the function of interconnects in an audio system and which types are employed with Legacy Amps?

Interconnect cables are crucial for linking line-level signal devices within an audio system such as Legacy Amps, facilitating the connection between an audio source and an amplifier.


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