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Legacy Audio Speakers Experience Excellence in Sound Quality

Updated: Feb 5

Welcome to the world of Legacy Audio Speakers guide, where high-fidelity sound and a reputation for excellence are not just ideals but realities.

Legacy Audio Speaker Family
Legacy Audio Speaker Family

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Legacy Audio speakers are renowned among audiophiles for their high-fidelity sound and robust design. What differentiates these speakers within the high-end audio market? This article is your guide to the precise engineering, unique features, and bespoke options available across Legacy Audio’s collections. Dive into an unbiased exploration that goes beyond the brand’s reputation to scrutinize what you can truly expect from their acclaimed speaker lines.

Key Takeaways

  • Legacy Audio offers three collections—Masters, Performance, and Lifestyle—each designed to cater to different audiophile needs, budgets, and preferences while delivering exceptional audio experiences.

  • Incorporating advanced amplification technology and meticulous engineering, they are known for their longevity and high-quality performance, highlighted by distinctions such as internal amplification and the award-winning Wavelet II processor.

  • Legacy Audio stands out in the high-end audio market for its soundstage, compatibility with amplifiers, and a larger sweet spot due to non-directional sound dispersion, providing significant value for money compared to more expensive brands.

Legacy Audio Home Theater Surround Sound System
Legacy Audio Home Cinema Surround Sound System

Exploring the Legacy Audio Speaker Collections

Legacy Audio’s speaker lines are a testament to their commitment to catering to diverse listener preferences and budgets. They offer three distinct collections: the Masters, Performance, and Lifestyle collections, each uniquely designed to provide an exceptional audio experience that meets specific listener needs.

The Masters Collection: The Pinnacle of Sound

The Masters Collection is the epitome of Legacy Audio’s offerings, a testament to their cutting-edge technology and digital signal processing capabilities. At the heart of this collection is the Legacy Valor, a flagship floor standing speaker that stands nearly six feet tall. With 2750 watts of internal power per side and a dynamic 56-bit processor, the Valor delivers unmatched sound reproduction.

The Masters Collection prides itself on its meticulous attention to detail. Some of the meticulous details that make Legacy speakers stand out include:

  • Real wood veneers

  • Copper vents

  • Aluminum trim

  • High gloss baffles

  • Crossover illumination

Models like the Legacy Aeris combine striking aesthetics with high-performance capabilities, while the compact Calibre is a high-resolution truly innovative speaker design for both professional studios and knowledgeable audiophiles.

The Masters Collection also features innovative technologies such as the Wavelet II controller. This feature shapes the direct-to-ambient sound ratio, enhancing the personalization of the listening experience. With such advanced features, the Masters Collection truly embodies the pinnacle of sound.

Legacy Focus SE Speaker
Legacy Focus SE Speaker

The Performance Collection: High-Fidelity for the Enthusiast

The Performance Collection is designed for the audio enthusiast who appreciates a high-fidelity speaker system. This collection features models like the Focus SE and XD, which showcase Legacy Audio’s commitment to audio quality and aesthetic flexibility.

The Focus SE is a model that provides aesthetic flexibility. It offers a range of wood veneers and finishes, from Standard to Exotic, allowing it to complement a wide variety of interior designs. This flexibility doesn’t compromise its performance. The Legacy Focus SE delivers a controlled and smooth bass performance with a balance and linearity distinct from larger speakers.

Another highlight of the Performance Collection is the Focus XD. This model aligns with the high-fidelity expectations of audio enthusiasts, delivering sound that is both powerful and refined.

The Performance Collection, with its focus on high-fidelity sound, offers an auditory experience that is both immersive and pleasing to the discerning listener, leaving lasting listening impressions.

The Lifestyle Collection: Elegant Sound in Every Space

The Lifestyle Collection is Legacy Audio’s solution for those seeking to enhance both the aesthetics and auditory experience of their modern home. This collection features sleek, compact designs that blend seamlessly with modern décor, providing a dual enhancement to your space.

Models like the Silhouette On-Wall and Pixel On-Wall exemplify the versatility of the Lifestyle Collection. These speakers offer elegant on-wall placement without compromising sound. The Silhouette Center, on the other hand, matches visual cohesion with acoustics for a complete loudspeaker system. This collection brings elegant sound into every corner of your space.

The Cinema HD and the Metro XD subwoofer are other notable members of the Lifestyle Collection. The Cinema HD extends the surround sound experience with a compact center channel speaker that delivers audiophile-quality sound without requiring significant space or remodeling efforts. Despite its small stature, the Metro XD subwoofer adds substantial depth to audio systems with smaller woofers, capable of producing a substantial output of 118dB, with lower distortion while delivering deep bass.

The Art and Science Behind Legacy Speakers

Behind every Legacy Audio speaker system is a blend of art and science that results in an auditory and visual masterpiece. Their speakers utilize cutting-edge technologies, meticulous craftsmanship, and high-quality engineering to ensure superior sonics and visual allure.

We should further explore the blend of art and science that makes these great speakers exceptional, including the nice speakers in this category.

Internal Amplification: Clarity Meets Power

One of the defining features of their speakers is their built-in amplification technology. This technology simplifies the audio chain while enhancing the overall natural sound. It is a testament to Legacy Audio’s commitment to clarity, power, and greater efficiency.

A prime example of this technology is the i·V high performance Amplifier Series. With configurations for 2, 5, 7, and 8 channels, these amplifiers feature:

  • Cool running

  • High power output

  • Backed by 7 years of development

  • ICEedge technology ensures high current and voltage stability, even into low impedances, with peak output current capabilities of 38A.

These models feature powerful upgrades similar to other advanced models like the Valor and Aeris. The i·V3 and i·V5 amplifiers, utilizing advanced ICEedge technology and dedicated electronics to deliver over 600 watts per channel into 8 ohms, highlighting their greater efficiency.

Engineering Excellence: Built to Last

The longevity and durability of Legacy speakers are a testament to their rigorous testing and high-quality engineering. With over 40 years of commitment to audio perfection, their products are known to last for decades, reflecting the brand’s focus on creating enduring, high-quality products.

These models exemplify the brand’s engineering excellence. Achieving an expansive frequency response, from below 15Hz to beyond 20KHz, the XD demonstrates the brand’s commitment to long-lasting sound quality. Every Legacy Audio speaker system is designed, assembled, and tested in Springfield, IL, facilitating precise calibration to exacting standards—a testament to their commitment to engineering speakers that last.

In addition to durability, they are also known for their spatial coherence and multi-driver integration. This translates to live-like performances and clear instrument separation, further contributing to the robustness of the speakers.

The Pinnacle of Sound: Legacy Focus XD and SE Deep Dive

Dive into the heart of Legacy Audio's innovation with these models, where unparalleled sound meets exquisite design. These speakers, emblematic of Legacy Audio's dedication to acoustic excellence, offer a listening experience that transcends the ordinary. Join us as we explore the intricate details and advanced technologies that make the Focus line not just speakers, but masterpieces of auditory art.

Award-Winning Acclaim: A Legacy of Honors

Legacy Audio’s excellence in the high-end audio gear market has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. This acclaim is a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional products and maintaining a pioneering spirit in audio innovation.

Their wide array of speakers, including the Focus SE, the Full Range, and others including:

  • the VALOR system

  • the Aeris Speaker System

  • the Whisper XD

  • the Studio HD

have received awards from The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, and at various international shows. The Wavelet II processor and i·V 7 Multi-Channel Amplifier have also received critical acclaim for withstanding the test of time and delivering outstanding performance in multi-channel power amplification.

The accumulation of praise and recognition from the audio community and the media reaffirms Legacy Audio’s position as a top-tier solution. A Legacy room was named among the Best Rooms at Capital Audiofest 2023, and the Signature SE received recommendations at Polish high-end audio reviews, further cementing their position in the industry.

The Focus Speaker Line: A Symphony of Precision

The Legacy Focus speaker line from Legacy Audio is a symphony of precision. Celebrated as an auditory masterpiece in Legacy Audio’s lineup, the Focus series delivers an unmatched listening experience.

We aim to uncover the advanced technologies and intricate details that make this speaker line a favorite among audiophiles.

Focus SE: The Heart of Musicality

The Focus SE model is at the heart of Legacy Audio’s commitment to delivering an integrated full-range experience. This model boasts Dual AMT tweeters with neodymium magnets and layers of Kapton, alongside a bass section with two 12” spun aluminum cone subwoofers, enhancing the audio experience.

The Focus SE’s high in-room efficiency rating of 95.4 dB/watt makes it highly efficient and compatible with a wide range of amplifiers. This means that you can enjoy a seamless listening experience regardless of the amplifier you use.

Listeners appreciate the Focus SE and Signature SE models for creating an expansive and transparent soundstage in a variety of acoustic settings. This model’s excellence has been recognized with a prestigious 2020 Editors’ Choice Award from The Absolute Sound, further cementing its place as the heart of musicality and showcasing the impact of signature se’s.

Focus XD: Advanced Integration for the Modern Listener

The Focus XD model exemplifies advanced integration and versatility. This model features internal amplification, which simplifies the audio setup without compromising the high-fidelity soun.

Internal Amp Connections For Focus XD
Focus XD Internal Amp Connections

Integrated within the Focus XD, the Wavelet processor serves multiple functions:

  • Digital signal processing (DSP)

  • Digital-to-analog conversion (DAC)

  • Preamplifier stage

  • Precision room correction

This multifunctional feature makes the Focus XD a versatile choice for modern listeners.

In terms of flexibility, users can utilize the Focus XD in full range mode powered solely by its internal amplifiers, or connect an external amplifier for the midrange and high frequencies while the built-in amp drives the bass drivers. This model is also ready for future advancements in the home cinema realm, such as Atmos surround sound systems, thanks to the various channel configurations of the i·V series amplifiers included in the Focus XD.

Fine Tuning Your Focus: Customization and Control

Legacy Audio offers various customization and control options to fine-tune your Focus speaker setup. The Focus SE model, for example, offers features to optimize audio performance and ensure the speakers blend seamlessly with your room acoustics.

The Focus SE model is equipped with switches at the back that allow you to adjust high-frequency roll-off and mid-bass levels. This means you can tailor the sound to your personal preference and room characteristics. In addition to these standard adjustment features, Legacy Audio offers specialized solutions like an internal trap filter and an external passive network to handle bass frequencies in rooms with acoustical challenges.

Legacy Audio also provides specific sine wave tones and tracks with audible instructions for precise audio imaging adjustments. These features aid in the localization and correction of room frequency peaks and dips, ensuring you achieve the optimal sound reproduction and lower distortion from your setup.

Legacy Audio in the Listening Room

Experiencing Legacy Audio in the listening room is an immersive journey into the realms of incredible accuracy, captivating soundstage, and versatility.

We should further explore their performance across various musical genres and listening environments.

Legacy Focus SE Home Theater system
Legacy Focus SE Home Theater system

From Classical to Rock: Versatility in Play

The versatility is one of their standout features. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or rock, Legacy Audio delivers exceptional clarity and transparency that enhances your listening experience.

The Focus XD model, for example, is recognized for its exceptional performance across different musical genres. It offers a tonal balance and dynamic range that delivers clear, detailed, and natural sound throughout varied musical pieces. This ensures a versatile listening experience that caters to a wide variety of musical preferences.

They effortlessly handle a broad range of music genres. From the subtleties of string quartets to the commanding presence of anthem rock, these speakers deliver a rich and engaging sound that encourages listeners to enjoy their music collection as a whole.

Setting Up for Sonic Success

Optimal setup is a key factor in achieving superior sound reproduction. Factors such as the speakers' size, the listening room's dimensions, and even limitations like a 7’ ceiling height can significantly impact sound reproduction.

The Focus XD model, for example, demonstrates an ability to maintain a stable soundstage and consistent detail resolution regardless of volume changes. This is a critical aspect to consider during focus speakers placement and sound system configuration, as it ensures a consistent and high-quality listening experience in the optimal listening position.

In addition, Legacy Audio offers helpful resources to aid in the setup process. For instance, they provide a Mono Voice Track with audible instructions and the Clap Track to aid in localizing and correcting room frequency peaks and dips. These tools and carefully considering your room’s acoustics will ensure you set up your Legacy Audio speakers for sonic success.

Comparing Legacy to Other High-End Brands

In the world of high-end audio gear, Legacy Audio stands tall. We aim to compare Legacy with other brands and highlight the unique features and qualities that distinguish Legacy Audio.

What Sets Legacy Apart?

From its spectacular soundstage to its warm and smooth high-end sound, Legacy Audio stands out in the high-end audio gear market.

The inclusion of AMT (Air Motion Transformer) drivers in Legacy’s design offers several benefits:

  • A high-frequency response that is more airy and detailed than many competitors

  • Versatility in amplifier compatibility, working well with solid-state options

  • Contributing to a dynamic and impactful bass response

Legacy Audio’s unique design philosophy aims to produce a lively and spirited sound, making their speakers stand out for their energetic listening experience. The elegant cabinet design and high-quality finishes of Legacy speakers enhance their visual distinction from other high-end speaker brands.

Furthermore, thanks to their non-directional sound dispersion, Legacy speakers create a larger sweet spot, enabling a more consistent listening pleasure across various positions within a room.

Value for Money: Investing in Legacy Audio

Investing in Legacy Audio speakers provides significant value for money. Their speakers deliver a high-end listening experience that competes with much more expensive brands, offering audiophiles a significant value for money.

Models such as the Focus XD and Signature SE are praised for delivering sound quality, appearance, and craftsmanship that rival speakers at higher price points. This exemplifies Legacy’s excellent cost-to-performance ratio. The truly innovative speaker design of Legacy Audio allow for dynamic bass and clear sound without the necessity for extremely powerful amplifiers, thus enhancing the overall value by lowering the total system cost.

The investment value of Legacy Audio speakers is widely recognized among audiophiles who appreciate their performance for both everyday enjoyment and detailed, critical listening sessions. So, when you invest in Legacy Audio, you’re not just buying a speaker—you’re investing in a legacy of high-fidelity sound and a distinguished reputation in the audio industry.

Custom Speaker Finishes
Custom Speaker Finishes

In the world of high-fidelity sound, Legacy Audio stands as a beacon for audiophiles seeking an immersive and high-quality audio experience. Their speaker collections—the Masters, Performance, and Lifestyle—each offer a distinct audio experience, catering to diverse listener preferences and budgets.

The advanced technologies, meticulous craftsmanship, and high-quality engineering behind Legacy Audio speakers result in auditory and visual masterpieces. Their speakers, especially the Focus speaker line, deliver an unmatched listening experience, offering an integrated full-range experience, powerful bass, and effortless listening capabilities. When compared to other high-end brands, Legacy Audio provides significant value for money, offering performance that rivals more expensive brands and a cost-to-performance ratio that appeals to audiophiles.

In conclusion, investing in Legacy Audio is more than just purchasing a speaker. It’s an investment in a legacy of high-fidelity sound, a commitment to excellence, and a distinguished reputation in the audio industry. Whether you’re an audio enthusiast seeking high-fidelity sound or someone who appreciates the aesthetic appeal of well-designed audio gear, there’s a Legacy speaker that’s perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the owner of legacy audio?

The owner of Legacy Audio is Bill Dudleston, who is the President and Founder of the company. He is well-known in the industry for manufacturing high-end audio equipment.

Who makes the best speaker system?

JBL is known for their commitment to high-quality sound and innovative design, making them one of the best speaker system manufacturers.

What are the unique features of Legacy Audio speakers?

The unique features of Legacy Audio speakers include a spectacular soundstage, warm high-end sound, AMT drivers for detailed high-frequency response, versatile amplifier compatibility, and an elegant cabinet design with high-quality finishes. These features set them apart and provide an exceptional audio experience for the listener.

How does the Focus SE model enhance the audio experience?

The Focus SE model enhances the audio experience through Dual AMT tweeters with neodymium magnets and Kapton layers, and a bass section with two 12” spun aluminum cone subwoofers, providing integrated full-range sound and powerful bass.

What is the Wavelet processor in the Focus XD model?

The Wavelet processor in the Focus XD model functions as a digital signal processor, digital-to-analog converter, preamplifier, and enables precise room correction. It integrates multiple essential functions.


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