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Introducing the i:V3 ULTRA from Legacy Audio's MASTERS COLLECTION, a three-channel amplifier that redefines the boundaries of audio performance. With each channel powered by its dedicated module and the revolutionary ICEedge® technology, the i:V3 ULTRA not only promises but delivers over 600 watts of pure, unadulterated sound into 8 ohms. Prepare for an audio experience that brings every note to life with clarity and dynamism while maintaining elegant efficiency.


The iV3 ULTRA Three-Channel Amplifier is more than just a component; it's the heart of your audio system, driving each note with precision and clarity. Its advanced technology and powerful output transform your listening experience, making every performance feel live. Welcome to the new standard in audio excellence with Legacy Audio.

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i:V3 ULTRA Amplifier by Legacy Audio

SKU: i:V3UltraTC
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    • Advanced ICEedge® Technology: Experience the pinnacle of audio purity and operational efficiency, ensuring your music remains untainted and your system cool.
    • Powerful Three-Channel Output: With over 600 watts per channel, the i·V3 ULTRA envelops you in a sound that's both expansive and detailed.
    • Comprehensive Protection: Equipped with short circuit and thermal protection for peace of mind and enduring performance.
    • Elegant and Efficient: A design that's not only pleasing to the eye but also to the ear, thanks to its dedicated module per channel approach.
    • Versatile Connectivity: Fully balanced XLR and single-end RCA inputs, along with gold-plated binding posts, cater to all your connectivity needs.
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